Very few spaces available! Please email at: summerschool@campion.edu.gr for inquiries and availability.

Monday 24th June 2024 - Friday 5th July 2024

Our aim is to provide children (aged 3-11) wonderful experiences and unforgettable moments. Campion Summer Camp is an opportunity to take part in a high-quality summer programme and to learn in an atmosphere which is educationally challenging but, most importantly, enjoyable!

In this high-paced modern world, children need a relaxed atmosphere where they will be encouraged to develop their self-confidence, work in teams, meet new friends and try new things.

All activities are age-appropriate and we give children the chance to just be children. We combine classroom activities (indoors & outdoors) with sporting fun.

Facilities and supervision are all first rate and the programme is taught by our full-time teaching staff. All lessons and activities are carried out in English.

Times of Summer Camp are 09:00-15:30

Please note that children need to be nappy – free.

So for one more summer…
Welcome to Campion Summer Camp 2024!


Campion’s summer camp is a fun-filled two weeks of activities designed to keep your child engaged and happy! Our programme includes sporting, artistic and academic elements to provide a well-rounded curriculum. For a full list of activities click here.